Destroyer Rotary Mower

Destroyer Rotary Mower

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[vc_table vc_table_theme=”classic_green”]Model,PASTURE%20TOPPER|Cutting%20Width,1.90m%20(6ft%203in)|Overall%20Width%20,2.12m%20(6ft%2011in)|Transport%20Width%20,2.12m%20(6ft%2011in)|Machine%20Weight*%20,1400kg|Gearbox%20Rating,150hp|Cutting%20Range,25%20-%20225mm|Number%20of%20Rotors%20,1|Number%20of%20Blades,3|PTO%20of%20Rotor,Slip%20Clutch|PTO%20Speed%20,1000rpm%20|Tractor%20Power%20Required**%20,120hp%20[/vc_table]

*Dependant on machine specification
**Dependant on conditions

Three-blade configuration
The large three-blade option has been designed for maintaining dense vegetation. The three heavy duty blades have been specifically design to tackle heavy duty vegetation. Integrated skid pans help protect the blades and rotors from hidden obstacles for extended life.


Heavy scrubs


Gorse clearance

Large Verges

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The DESTROYER is a formidable machine designed to cope with heavy scrub and forestry re-growth. The heavy duty DESTROYER features an 8 millimetre deck and a 70 millimetre gearbox mounting point which are fully reinforced to protect against any metal fatigue.

Beneath the deck are three huge free swinging blades weighing 7KG each and all performing like spinning axes with a tip speed of 83 metres per second.

  • 2.0 metre Cutting Width
  • Heavy Duty 150HP Rotor Gearbox
  • Slip Clutch Protection
  • 1000RPM PTO
  • All Steel Construction – 8MM Thick Deck
  • Accurate Height Control – Adjustable Skids
  • Rear Bull Bar
  • 3 Heavy Duty Cutting Blades
  • Chain Link Front and Rear Safety Curtains
  • Floating Linkage
  • Ideal for Reverse Drive

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