XRHD Range Flail Mowers

XRHD Range Flail Mowers

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[vc_table vc_table_theme=”classic_green”]Model,XRHD%20250,XRHD%20270%20,XRHD%20300|Cutting%20Width%20,2.45m%20(8ft%200in),2.70m%20(8ft%2010in),3.00m%20(9ft%2010in)|Overall%20Width,2.80m%20(9ft%202in),2.98m%20(9ft%209in),3.28m%20(10ft%209in)|Transport%20Width%20,2.80m%20(9ft%202in),2.98m%20(9ft%209in),3.28m%20(10ft%209in)|Machine%20Weight*%20,1017kg,1265kg,1325kg|Cutting%20Range,30-80mm,30-80mm,30-80mm|Number%20of%20Flails,22,24,26|PTO%20speed,1000rpm,1000rpm,1000rpm|Tractor%20Power%20Required**%20,65-80hp,80-120hp%20,95-135hp[/vc_table]

*Dependant on machine specification
**Dependant on conditions

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XRHD Range Flail Mowers

The XRHD Series is a heavy duty multipurpose flail mower which is ideal for shredding high grass, bushes and branches and maintaining larger agricultural areas.

Fitted with heavy duty whale tail flails in a spiral formation, the XRHD is able to cut upto 80mm in diameter whilst still providing powerful cutting combined with low power requirements and fuel consumption.

  • 2.45, 2.70 And 2.90 Metre Cutting Widths
  • Three Point Linkage Mounting
  • Front and Rear Mounting
  • Gearbox 1000 RPM With Free Wheeling Clutch
  • Double Row Ball Bearings On The Rotor Shaft
  • Adjustable Rear Gate
  • Replaceable Counter Blades (Double – Two Rows)
  • Working Tools – Robust Forged Hammers
  • Double Spiral Rotor With 45° Distribution Of Working Tools
  • Automatic Belt Tension With Ventilator
  • Whale Tail Flails
  • Hydraulic Offsetting
  • Adjustable Rear Roller
  • Replaceable Skids
  • Floating
  • 80MM Maximum Cutting Diameter

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