Agricut Topper Rotary Mower

Agricut Topper Rotary Mower

[vc_table vc_table_theme=”classic_green”]Model,AGRICUT180,AGRICUT%20240%20OFFSET,AGRICUT%20270|Cutting%20Width,1.80m%20(5ft%2011in)%20,2.40m%20(7ft%2010in),2.70m%20(8ft%2010in)%20|Overall%20Width%20,1.97m%20(6ft%206in),2.66m%20(8ft%209in)%20,2.97m%20(9ft%209in)%20|Transport%20Width%20,1.97m%20(6ft%206in),2.66m%20(8ft%209in)%20,2.97m%20(9ft%209in)%20|Machine%20Weight*%20,290kg%20,550kg%20,430kg%20|Cutting%20Range,30mm%20-%20150mm%20,30mm%20-%20150mm%20,30mm%20-%20150mm%20|Number%20of%20Rotors%20,1,2,2|Number%20of%20Blades,2,4,4|PTO%20Protection,Shear%20Bolt%20,Shear%20Bolt%20,Shear%20Bolt%20|PTO%20Speed%20,540rpm,540rpm,540rpm|Tractor%20Power%20Required**%20,30hp,30hp,30hp[/vc_table]

*Dependant on machine specification (including oil, excluding flailhead or attachment) **Dependant on conditions

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Agricut Topper Range

The Spearhead Agricut topper range is available in three different size working widths; 1.80m, 2.40m and 2.70m with inline and offset cutting positions. With low power requirements and a large array of features these toppers are fantastic for a wide variety of users.

  • 1.80 metre to 2.70 metre cutting widths
  • 2.40 metre fully offset model available
  • Three point linkage mounting
  • Easily adjustable cutting height
  • Over run Protection
  • All steal smooth top deck construction
  • Unique lower link floatation follows the ground closely
  • Streamline design helps eliminates debris build-up and the trapping of water
  • Adjustable skids to minimise ground markings
  • Free swinging blades reduce shock loads on the product gearbox

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