Twiga Orbital Range Reach Mowers

Twiga Orbital Range Reach Mowers

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[vc_table vc_table_theme=”classic_green”]Model,ORBITAL%20606,ORBITAL%20686,ORBITAL726,ORBITAL%20836|Maximum%20Reach%20%20,6.00m%20(19ft%208in),6.80m%20(22ft%204in),7.20m%20(23ft%208in),8.30m%20(27ft%203in)|Machine%20Weight*,2155kg,2315kg,2375kg,2400kg|Transport%20Width%20,2.40m%20(7ft%2010in),2.40m%20(7ft%2010in),2.40m%20(7ft%2010in)%20,2.40m%20(7ft%2010in)%20|Oil%20Tank%20Capacity,230ltr,230ltr,230ltr,230ltr|Piston%20Totally%20Independent%20Hydraulics,Standard,Standard,Standard,Standard|Axle%20Mounting%20,Standard,Standard,Standard,Standard|Road%20Lighting%20Kit,Standard,Standard,Standard,Standard|Tractor%20Power%20Required**%20,120hp,130hp,140hp,150hp|Tractor%20Weight%20Required**%20,4500kg%20,4750kg,5000kg,6000kg[/vc_table]

*Dependant on machine specification (including oil, excluding flailhead or attachment) **Dependant on conditions

HP2 Hydraulic Proportional controls

The classic HP2 low pressure oil over oil hydraulic proportional control system is on the TWIGA Pro Range. Ergonomically arranged for logical directional movement and based on technology used widely in the construction industry the HP2 offers simultaneous operation for all services in one convenient package.

Defined by a reliability proven through years of service on the Spearhead Range the HP2 system is the only single lever system you will ever need and will keep you working comfortably long after your competitors.


The TWIGA Orbital Range features the specialist DP Belt Drive Flailhead designed specifically for high output grass mowing. The DP Flailhead offers a robust yet compact design whilst retaining excellent mulching and cutting capabilities. Usually fitted with a heavy duty boot and shackle arrangement the C Flail can also be chosen for optimum mowing ability.

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Twiga Orbital Reach Mower

The TWIGA Orbital helps to significantly increase output when mowing long runs due to an ability to cut on either side of the tractor. Offering 180 degree power slew, the TWIGA Orbital eliminates non productive travel and reduces tracking on embankments.

An optional wheel carriage attachment helps to reduce the gross vehicle weight of the tractor.

The TWIGA Orbital is favoured by many drainage boards, local authorities and environmental bodies throughout Europe.

  • HP2 Hydraulic Proportional Controls
  • Low Power Requirements
  • Ability to cut either side of the machine
  • Cushion Top Link
  • Rear Lighting Kit
  • Parallel Arm Geometry
  • Telescopic Dipper Arm (726T & 836T)
  • Totally Independent 80HP Hydraulic System
  • Cast Iron Pumps and Motors
  • Heavy Duty Cast Iron Gearbox
  • Hydraulic Power Slew and Safety Break Away
  • Oil Cooler
  • 230 Litre Oil Capacity
  • Storage Support Legs
  • 1.2 Metre DP Belt Drive Flailhead
  • Axle Mounting System

Optional Extras

  • Autopilot Control
  • Hydraulic Wheel Kit

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