Twiga HXF Range Reach Mowers

Twiga HXF Range Reach Mowers

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[vc_table vc_table_theme=”classic_green”]Model,TWIGA%20HXF%202300|Reach%20with%20HL%20Cutter%20Bar%20,1.30m%20(4ft%203in)|Spring%20Break-Back%20System,Standard|100%20Degree%20Hydraulic%20Angle,Standard[/vc_table][vc_table vc_table_theme=”classic_green”]Model,TWIGA%20HXF%202800,TWIGA%20HXF%203300|Reach%20with%20Quadsaw%20%2F%20Cutter%20Bar,2.20m%20(7ft%203in),2.50m%20(8ft%202in)|Transport%20Width,2.00m%20(6ft%207in),2.20m%20(7ft%203in)|Mechanical%20Folding%20for%20Transport,Standard,Standard|Mechanical%20Angle,Standard,Standard|Automatic%20Break-Back%2044%20Degrees,Standard,Standard|Adjustment%20for%20Crab%20Steering,Standard,Standard|Left%20and%20Right%20(Left%20for%20Telescopic%20Loader),Standard,Standard|Flow%20Divider%20(Variable%20Oil%20Amount),Optional,Optional|Hydraulic%20Angle,Optional,Optional|Danfos%20Flowdivider%20Complete%20with%20E%20Control%20for%20Cutting%20Angle%20and%20Tool,Optional,Optional|Breaket%20for%20Telescopic%20Loader%20%2F%20Front%20End%20Loader,Optional,Optional[/vc_table]


Available in four different models with cutting widths ranging from 1.40m to 2.40m, the quadsaw is ideal for managing heavy grown and tree limbs.

With the LRS1401 and LRS1601 able to cut up to 100mm (4in) thick and the LRS2001 and LRS2401 with cutting capacities of 150mm (6in) there is a model for every operator.

Widely used throughout Europe the Quadsaw perfectly compliments the TWIGA HXF Frame, giving exceptional cutting capacity on even the most stubborn growth.


The HXF Frame can be used with the HL150, HL180 or HL210 cutterbar. Offered in a length to suit your individual requirements and capable of cutting material up to 40mm in diameter, the HL cutterbar range is ideal when trimming back annual growth.

Also available is the HX150 and HX225 cutterbar which offers increased cutting capacity at up to 100mm diameter. This range is ideal for making a clean cut on heavier growth.

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The TWIGA HXF 2300 is a frame that can be mounted on the front of a compact tractor loader or mini loader. The TWIGA HXF 2300 features an integrated side boom of 1.30 metre (4ft 3in) reach and is also fitted with a spring breakback system. The TWIGA HXF 2300 can be used with the smallest Quadsaw on offer, the LRS1401, and also the HL150 and HL180 Cutter Bars.


The TWIGA HXF 2800 has an integrated side boom of 2.20m (7ft 3in) and is suitable for mounting onto the front of a tractor loader or compact telehandler. For added safety there is an inbuilt 45° hydraulic break back facility and the unit is manually folded for transport. This model can be used with the LRS1401 and LRS1601 Quadsaw’s and all three products in the HL Cutter Bar range.


The TWIGA HXF 3300 is the largest of the TWIGA HXF Range with an integrated 2.50m (8ft 2in) side boom extension. The HXF 3300 has been designed to be mounted onto industrial wheeled loaders and telehandlers. For added safety there is an inbuilt 45° hydraulic breakback and the unit is manually folded for transport. The TWIGA HXF 3300 is suitable for use with either the LRS2001 or the LRS2401 Quadsaw only and the HX Cutter Bar range.

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