STAR-FC hyd Excavator Mulcher

STAR-FC hyd Excavator Mulcher

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STAR-FC hydstump grinder for excavators up 15 to 35 t 70 – 300 HP

Grinds and mulches wood up to 40 cm Ø, crushes stones up to 15 cm Ø, tills as deep as 30 cm below the surface!

The STAR-FC hyd is a multi-purpose stump grinder and soil tiller for excavator mounting.
It is ideal to grind stumps and roots, but also to crush stones, even at depth.

The exceptional multi-functionality makes this machine is one of those features that SEPPI M. has been investing a lot in.


  • multi-purpose tiller: grinds stumps, tills the soil in depth, crushes stones and mulches roots, prepares the soil for the planting of new trees; for forests, greenspace and steep slopes.
  • grinds and tills as deep as 30 cm [12”] below the surface
  • grinds and mulches wood up to 40 cm [16”] Ø
  • crushes stones up to 15 cm [6”] Ø
  • mounting on excavators up 15 to 35 t  [33,070 – 77,160 lb]
  • prepared for transmission with hydraulic motor (1 belt), see options
  • hydraulically operated hood
  • protection: double chains
  • narrow in-depth skids
  • rotor: fixed knives with tungsten tips, anti-wear knife support


  • hydraulic motor with adjustable speed, electonically driven, cable and controls included
  • electric valve for rear hood control with controls
  • interface plate
  • 190° hydraulic rotation plate

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