SMO Flail Mulcher

SMO Flail Mulcher

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SMO universal flail mulcher 40-95 HP*

When mulching becomes your profession.

The SMO mulcher has all the qualities of a perfect mower for vineyards and orchards. For over 30 years it has worked to the satisfaction of professionals around the world.
The SMO standard version is equipped with manual side shift, hydraulic side shift is optional. Total side shift is 73 cm [28.7”].


  • mulches grass and prunings up to 7 cm [2.8“] Ø
  • working speed 3–5 km/h
  • ISO 3-point rear linkage up to L=225: cat. 1 & 2, L=250: cat. 2
  • parallel linkage manual side shift
  • gearbox with freewheel and through shaft up to L=200: 540 rpm, from L=225: 1000 rpm
  • input shaft 1 3/8” Z=6
  • number of belts up to L=200: 4, from L=225: 5
  • adjustable hood with rubber protection
  • front protection: metal flaps (OPT 181) or chains (OPT 025)
  • support roller, adjustable in height by 5 cm [2”]
  • standard rotor with flails up to L=200: SMO, from L=225: SMW



  • PTO drive shaft
  • hydraulic side shift
  • rotor with 3 Y knives without shackles
  • rotor with exterior overhang for mech. outrigger
  • 540 rpm gearbox
  • 1000 rpm gearbox
  • reinforced roller
  • roller scraper
  • rubber gauge wheels
  • rake hood less rakes
  • rake hood with rakes
  • mech. outrigger XSC 60 cm [24”] Ø
  • hyd. outrigger XSC 50 cm [20”] Ø or 60 cm [24”] Ø
  • single hyd. sensitive toucher
  • hyd. sweeper XAN with 3 vanes
  • herbicide spraying system XID
  • side discharge conveyer belt XTR
  • metal front wheels
  • additional front rubber flap
  • chevrons

* The indicated kW and HP refer to the power required at the PTO output shaft, not to the nominal tractor power.

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