R Range Flail Mowers

R Range Flail Mowers

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[vc_table vc_table_theme=”classic_green”]Model,R190,R225,R245%20,R270|Cutting%20Width%20,1.90m%20(6ft%203in),2.27m%20(7ft%205in),2.45m%20(8ft%200in),2.70m%20(8ft%2010in)|Overall%20Width,2.12m%20(7ft%200in),2.47m%20(8ft%201in),2.62m%20(8ft%207in)%20,2.92m%20(9ft%207in)|Transport%20Width,2.12m%20(7ft%200in),2.47m%20(8ft%201in),2.62m%20(8ft%207in)%20,2.92m%20(9ft%207in)|Machine%20Weight*%20,430kg,487kg,517kg,543kg|Cutting%20Range,30-80mm,30-80mm,30-80mm,30-80mm|Number%20of%20Flails,24,28,30,34|PTO%20speed,540rpm%20,1000rpm,1000rpm%20,1000rpm%20|Tractor%20Power%20Required**%20,50hp,60hp,80hp%20,85hp[/vc_table]

*Dependant on machine specification
**Dependant on conditions

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R Range Flail Mowers

Designed for intensive agricultural use and capable of cutting material up to 5 centimetres in thickness the R Range is perfect for farmers looking to manage and maintain farmland and pasture to a high and consistent standard.

Fitted with heavy duty whale tail flails in a spiral formation, the R Range provides powerful cutting combined with low power and fuel consumption.

Capable of dealing with material up to 30 millimetres in diameter the compact R Range mower series is fantastic for the small holder or small scale amenity user.

  • 1.90, 2.25, 2.45 and 2.70 metre Cutting Widths
  • Three Point Linkage Mounting
  • Compact Design
  • Standard Hydraulic Offset Position
  • 1000RPM PTO (R190 – 540RPM)
  • Over-run PTO Protection
  • Whale Tail Flails
  • Front Safety Guard Kit
  • Rear Roller Height Adjustment
  • Replaceable Full Length Skid Kit
  • 33MM to 80MM Cutting Heights
  • 50MM Maximum Cutting Diameter

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