Multiforst Soil Tiller

Multiforst Soil Tiller

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Multiforst Soil Tiller 120-160 HP*

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The MULTIFORST is a multifunctional tiller-mulcher. It tills soil and roads, mills stumps and mulches wood. It is ideal for maintaining dirt roads, for land reclamation, for the preparation of ski slopes, to clean up slash after felling operations. It is also a great machine when the soil must be slackened, stumps and stones removed for the plantation of new trees and for seeding. This shows great results both in agriculture and in greenspace maintenance, e.g. in parks.

Technical requirements for operating the MULTIFORST are creep speeds of the tractor and a hydraulic three-point tractor linkage.


  • crushes stones up to 25 cm [10] Ø
  • mulches wood up to 25 cm [10”] Ø
  • working depth 25 cm [10”]
  • working speed 0,5–2 km/h
  • central fixed cat. 2 ISO 3-point rear linkage
  • gearbox with freewheel, capable of working at 2 speeds (540 or 1000 rpm)
  • input shaft: 1 3/4” Z=20
  • double transmission
  • replaceable anti wear chassis
  • narrow in-depth skids
  • protection: quadruple chains
  • rotor: fixed knives with 6 tungsten tips, anti-wear knife support


  • PTO drive shaft with torque limiter
  • ADAM (TM) alignment of the PTO drive shaft for better PTO shaft angles
  • hydraulically operated rear hood
  • hydraulically operated compacting roller for depth control,
    may also be used as guard frame
  • adjustable support skids for on-surface work, instead of standard skids
  • 1000 rpm gearbox
  • hydraulic top link
  • chevrons

* The indicated kW and HP refer to the power required at the PTO output shaft, not to the nominal tractor power.

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