XTR Conveyor Belt

XTR Conveyor Belt

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XTR conveyer belt XTR for mulcher with side discharge

Accessory for inter-row maintenance. Works as a weed killer.
Conveyer belt to transport mulched grass to the side of the row, where it will prevent regrowth.

The conveyer belt XTR depositing mulched grass to the right of the mulcher (not suitable for prunings), and it cast the grass up to 50 cm [20 inch].

It can be mounted on the following muchers (in place of the rear hood):

The XTR is hydraulically driven by the external supply of the tractor – necessary oil flow about 40 l/min [10.6 US-gal/min]. The speed is adjustable. Available working widths: 150, 175, 200 cm [59, 69, 79 inch]


In orchards

  • mulches in-row
  • adds nutrients to the roots the plants
  • a cultivation free of herbicides becomes possible in combination with other accessories like the XSA and XAN

In greenspace maintenance

  • clean mulching of road sides and ditches

In arable farming

  • when mulching corn or wheat stubble, the mulch can be deposed in swaths in order to be collected