XAN Sweeper

XAN Sweeper

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XAN Sweeper

A clean job in your orchard! With the help of the sweeper.

With the XAN sweeper you may collect leaves and prunings from row sides and bring them into an ideal position for mulching: in front of the mower or in front of the tractor. An easy and efficient system!


  • gathers prunings to bring them in front of the mower
  • working speed 1–5 km/h
  • working width: 115 cm [45”]
  • attachment interface for mower
  • hydraulic transmission via tractor
  • anti-shock device with spring
  • support: disc
  • standard tools: rubber vanes
  • hydraulic hoses to the tractor
  • length = 120 cm [47”]

XAN front

  • hydraulic folding for transport

XAN double

  • double version (only for front attachment to the tractor)

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