Tajfun EGV 60 PRO N Single Drum Professional Logging Winch

Tajfun EGV 60 PRO N Single Drum Professional Logging Winch

[vc_mega_header title=”Tajfun EGV 60 PRO N Single Drum Professional Logging Winch” title_font_size=”30px” description=”Options and Accessories” description_font_size=”14px” sub_title_font_size=”13px” sub_title_font_style=”normal”]

Wire Rope

ø 11 mm

Parallel Hooks / Ball Joints

Hooked to the end of wire rope

Parallel Hooks

Hook Parallel P13

Ball Joint

Ball Joint rotating ø 10- ø 13 mm

Sliding Hooks / Sliders

Slide on the Wire Rope

Sliding Hook

Hook Sliding


Slider (22,046 Ibs)
Slider POK
Slider Rotating D7-8

Radio Remote Control

Radio Remote Control B&B F10

Radio Remote Control B&B F10 ET
Radio Remote Control B&B F10 ET MAS

Two versions available. Basic model withouth MOTOR GAS +- function (for remote control of the winch) or upgrated model with additional MAS function which also provide engine revolution control of the tractor.

B&B F10 ET and DT

  • New shape allows optimum body fit in all situations
  • Large control panel, inclined control panel, integrated safety belt ribbon
  • Plastic high hardness construction with rubber coated edges
  • More carrying options (on hip, chest or abdomen)
  • Replaceable ordinary batteries (AA); high quality Sanyo Eneloop batteries are included
  • Two way radio technology
  • DIN standard compliant Stop and Emergency Switch
  • Standard movement and position Sensors
  • Optional GPS enabled Emergency Switch
  • 5 year warranty for registered customers
[vc_table vc_table_theme=”simple_green”][],[]|Frequency%20Band,2.3’%20ISM%20Band|Transmission%20Capacity,10%20mW%20ERP|System%20Addresses,16%20mio%20Unique%20Addresses|Modulation%20Type,GMSK%20%2F%20Halbduplex|Control%20Commands,%207%2F10%201%20x%20Emergency%20Switch%20%2F%201x%20Alarm|Temperature%20Range,-4%20F%20to%20%2B140%20F[/vc_table]


[vc_table vc_table_theme=”simple_green”],|Power%20Supply,2%20x%20AA%20NiMH-%20Rechargeable%20Batteries%201%2C2V%20%2F%201900%20mAh|Housing,2%20K%20poliamid%20%2F%2066-GF%2BTPE|Protection%20Type,IP%2065|Height%20x%20Width%20x%20Length,4.5”%20x%206.25”%20x%202.5”|Weight,1.3%20Ibs|Antenna,Integrated[/vc_table]


[vc_table vc_table_theme=”simple_green”],|Power%20Supply,10%20V%20do%2030%20V%20DC|Housing,PC%20ABS|Protection%20Type,IP%2065|Height%20x%20Width%20x%20Length,6”%20x%208.5”%20x%202’%E2%80%99|Weight,1.5%20Ibs|Antenna,Optional%20Integrated%20-%20Outside%20Connection[/vc_table]

P.T.O Shafts

P.T.O. Shaft Tajfun Cerjak

P.T.O. Shaft C Line-T 6BR+ KK910


[vc_table vc_table_theme=”simple_green”],|P.T.O.%20Shaft%20C%20Line-T%202BR%2B%20KK560,1%203%2F8%E2%80%B3%20Z6%20%E2%80%93%201%203%2F8%E2%80%B3%20Z6%3B%20LKK%3D22”|P.T.O.%20Shaft%20C%20Line-T%204BR%2B%20KK560,1%203%2F8%E2%80%B3%20Z6%20%E2%80%93%201%203%2F8%E2%80%B3%20Z6%3B%20LKK%3D22”|P.T.O.%20Shaft%20C%20Line-T%206BR%2B%20KK560,1%203%2F8%E2%80%B3%20Z6%20%E2%80%93%201%203%2F8%E2%80%B3%20Z6%3B%20LKK%3D22”|P.T.O.%20Shaft%20C%20Line%206BR%2B%20KK910,1%203%2F8%E2%80%B3%20Z6%20%E2%80%93%20PEM6%3B%20LKK%3D70”[/vc_table]

LKK – P.T.O. Shaft length between pivot points

  • Easy to use, user friendly C Line connection
  • Flexible protection hood, which allows easy access to connecting mechanism and grease nipples

Walterscheid P.T.O Shafts

P.T.O. Shaft W 200E SD25 560


[vc_table vc_table_theme=”simple_green”],|P.T.O.%20Shaft%20W%20200E%20SD15%20560,1%203%2F8%E2%80%B3%20Z6%20%E2%80%93%201%203%2F8%E2%80%B3%20Z6%3B%20LKK%3D22”|P.T.O.%20Shaft%20W%20200E%20SD15%20710,1%203%2F8%E2%80%B3%20Z6%20%E2%80%93%201%203%2F8%E2%80%B3%20Z6%3B%20LKK%3D28”|P.T.O.%20Shaft%20W%20300E%20SD15%20560,1%203%2F8%E2%80%B3%20Z6%20%E2%80%93%201%203%2F8%E2%80%B3%20Z6%3B%20LKK%3D22”|P.T.O.%20Shaft%20W%20300E%20SD15%20710,1%203%2F8%E2%80%B3%20Z6%20%E2%80%93%201%203%2F8%E2%80%B3%20Z6%3B%20LKK%3D28”|P.T.O.%20Shaft%20W%20400E%20SD25%20560,1%203%2F8%E2%80%B3%20Z6%20%E2%80%93%201%203%2F8%E2%80%B3%20Z6%3B%20LKK%3D22”[/vc_table]

LKK – P.T.O. Shaft length between pivot points

Snatch Block

Snatch Block Tajfun PS 130

Tajfun PS 130 + Load Belt 6.6′
Tajfun PS 130 + Load Belt 9.9′
Designed for winches with pulling power up to 14,500 lbs and use with Load Belt, designed especially for operations with Snatch Block 130 and winches.

•High load capacity
•Easy operation even in hard accessible terrain
•Low weight and small size compared to existing snatch blocks (light construction)
•SMART lock, which allows fast and simple pulley side opening
•Combination of human friendly top quality materials
•Modern innovative design

[vc_table vc_table_theme=”simple_green”],[]|Load%20Capacity,29%2C200%20Ibs|Break%20Force,58%2C450%20Ibs|Weight,5%20Ibs[/vc_table]

Load Belt

• Available as a package (snatch block and load belt)

[vc_table vc_table_theme=”simple_green”][],[],[]|Length,6.6′,9.9’|Weight,30%2C865%20Ibs,30%2C865%20Ibs|Load%20Capacity,7.7%20Ibs,9.7%20Ibs[/vc_table]

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Tajfun EGV 60 PRO N Single Drum Professional Logging Winch

We at Tajfun started developing and producing logging winches as early as in 1979. We constantly update, upgrade and develop different winch types for different needs. The advantages of our long term development are:

  • Reliable and easy hydraulic (Type AHK winches) or mechanical control (Type A winches),
  • Very simple and fast installation to tractor’s three point mounting system,
  • Robotic welded stable and robust construction, made of high quality steel, laser cut and powder coated,
  • Stable drive with double bearing and double reduction gear (winches from 45 to 100 kN),
  • Highly efficient clutch activation, even with mechanical winches – short pull, low activation power,
  • High usage efficiency and safety.

Tajfun Hydraulic Winches (AHK) feature a self contained electro hydraulic system to operate the winch clutch and brake, and use a control pendant (standard equipment) or a radio remote control (optional equipment). Radio remote control allows remote control of the winch (without any further need to access the winch or tractor) or remote control of the tractor (engine revolution control, tractor engine start and stop, P.T.O. Shaft activation – these functions must be installed by an authorized service). The important benefits of remote control system are easy operation of the winch by a single person, high work efficiency and safety.

Technical Data

[vc_table vc_table_theme=”simple_green”],|Pulling%20Power,13%2C488%20lbs|Brake%20Power,16%2C860%20lbs|Gear%20Ratio,1%20%3A%2012.4|Rope%20Velocity%20(at%20540-1),35.5”%20%E2%80%93%2039.5”%2Fs|Required%20Tractor%20Capacity,70%20-%20115%20HP|Weight%20Without%20Wire%20Rope,1%2C345%20lbs|Mounting,II%2CIII|Width,78.5”|Length,29”|Transport%20Height,72.5”|Overall%20Height,90.75”[/vc_table]

  • Radio remote control (optional) in addition to all known functions allows controlled brake release
  • Monitoring of all configurations of all winch parameters (primary pressure, temperature and oil level), error diagnosis, operating hours counter
  • Lower pulley (optional)
  • Powered Upper Pulley (standard)

Main Components

  1. Folding safety net (for simplified transport)
  2. Tail hook holder
  3. Efficient wire rope winding – high distance between inlet pulley and center of the drum
  4. Large and stable pulleys Parallel shielded puleys follow the pulling direction of the cable, even with maximum loads
  5. Recesses for hanging of chains
  6. Standard equipment, a removable trailer hitch witch is attached to a safe place on the frame when not in use
  7. Wedge shape of logging blade ensures safe anchoring
  8. Broad logging blade of high quality
  1. Chainsaw holder
  2. Adjustable Upper Coupling
  3. Coupling Holder
  4. P.T.O. Shaft Holder
  5. Two covered toolboxes, mounted above connecting beams
  6. Opening for Rope Installation
  7. Two folding support legs which ensure stability of the stand-alone winch
  1. Large and massive drum (high rope capacity) with high diameter drum core (low loss of pulling power, long rope lifetime)
  2. Optimally Dimensioned Drum Axle
  3. Strong Drum Walls
  4. Wide Brakeband
  5. Quality SKF bearing
  6. High pulling power and lower load of components due to 3 or 5-plate clutch
  7. Thick Strengthened Drive Chain