SUPERFORST hyd Hydraulic Drive Mulcher

SUPERFORST hyd Hydraulic Drive Mulcher

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SUPERFORST hyd heavy duty hydraulic drive forestry mulcher 250-550 HP

A winning recipe: Attach a high performing mulcher to a high performing prime mover!

The SUPERFORST hyd is the high preformer among the SEPPI forestry mulchers for hydraulic prime movers.
Ideal for highly professiona gas, pipeline and power transmission maintenance, for land clearing, right of way and site prep. Perfect also for the creation of fire break strips.

  • mulches wood up to 50 cm [20”] Ø
  • working speed 0-5 km/h
  • cat. 3 central fixed ISO 3-point linkage or universal attachment interface
  • prepared for transmission with 2 hydraulic motors of choice
  • double drive
  • max. pressure: 400 bar
  • min-max oil flow: 300-700 l/min
  • 10 belts
  • hydraulic rear hood
  • skids
  • front and rear protection: triple/ single chains
  • standard rotor: swinging hammers


  • swinging hammer rotor with tungsten tips
  • fixed knife rotor with 2+1 tungsten tips
  • fixed knife rotor with 2 tungsten tips
  • front attachment
  • mechanic guard frame
  • hydraulic guard frame
  • reinforced hydraulic guard frame “Alberta”
  • reinforced hydraulic guard frame with rakes
  • rakes on rear hood
  • additional rear hood and reverse rotor drive
  • transmission with 2 hydraulic motors, different types at choice
  • drive for Sauer motors with SAE D flange, 13 spline (USA)
  • attachment interface of choice for prime movers of different brands
  • distributions block and piping

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