SAR-X Rotary Mower

SAR-X Rotary Mower

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SAR-X rotary mower with two rotary mowers 41-80 HP*

The wide little mower.

Two advantages of the SAR X are combined in the double outrigger arm: not only is the working width variable, but also the area in between plants is easily reachable for clean mulching. The outrigger arms are adjustable individually or can be synchronized. A sensitive toucher makes it possible to closely mulch round the trees without damaging them. Also, the machine has side shift. The SAR X is a strong grass mower, leaving a clean result even in high grass. Support wheels and floating mechanism allow the mower to follow the contours of the ground.


  • working width 6-9 km/h
  • reversible cat. 1&2 ISO 3-point linkage
  • side shift hydraulical
  • gearbox without freewheel double 540 rpm
  • input shaft 1 3/8″ Z=6
  • reversible rotation direction of the knives
  • 2 hydraulic mowing arms for inter-row mowing and for adjustable working width
  • front support wheels, adjustable in height and width
  • rear support wheels, adjustable in height
  • hydraulic fittings needed: 3 double acting
  • standard knives rotating knives


  • 1000 rpm gearbox
  • hyd. remote control
  • hyd. sensitive toucher
  • herbicide spraying system XID

* The indicated kW and HP refer to the power required at the PTO output shaft, not to the nominal tractor power.

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