RHD Offset Range Flail Mowers

RHD Offset Range Flail Mowers

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[vc_table vc_table_theme=”classic_green”]Model,RHD%20OFFSET%20160,RHD%20OFFSET%20190,RHD%20OFFSET%20225|Cutting%20Width%20,1.60m%20(5ft%203in),1.90m%20(6ft%203In),2.25m%20(7ft%205in)|Overall%20Width,1.97m%20(6ft%206in),2.27m%20(7ft%205in),2.62m%20(8ft%207in)|Machine%20Weight*%20,665kg,735kg,775kg|Cutting%20Range,30-80mm,30-80mm,30-80mm|Number%20of%20Flails,20,24,28|PTO%20speed,540rpm,540rpm%20,540rpm%20|Tractor%20Power%20Required**%20,50hp,70hp%20,80hp%20[/vc_table]

*Dependant on machine specification
**Dependant on conditions

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RHD Offset Range Flail Mowers

The new offset Z-link flail mower offers exceptional performance and durability even in the toughest environments. With a mobile head that can move through 155 degrees this mower will ensure effective up and down cutting for banks and ditches from even the most intensive user.

This product is available in three different models; R-HD Offset 160, R-HD Offset 190 and the R-HD Offset 225.

  • 1.60, 1.90 and 2.25m working widths
  • Low tractor horse power requirements
  • Z-linkage flail mower
  • Three point linkage mounting
  • Fully offset cutting position
  • Cuts through 155 degrees (+90 degrees/-65 degrees)
  • Mechanical breakaway function
  • Easily adjustable cutting height
  • Heavy-duty double skin case for extra protection from damage
  • Double spiral rotor with high-performance flail configuration

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