Multicut 620 Rotary Mower

Multicut 620 Rotary Mower

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[vc_table vc_table_theme=”classic_green”]Model,MULTICUT%20620|Cutting%20Width,6.20m%20(20ft%204in)%20|Overall%20Width%20,6.40m%20(21ft)%20|Transport%20Width%20,2.80m%20(9ft%202in)%20|Machine%20Weight*%20,2512kg%20|Gearbox%20Rating,160hp%20%26%20111hp%20|Cutting%20Range,25%20-%20400mmm%20|Number%20of%20Rotors%20,5|Number%20of%20Blades,15%20or%2030%20|PTO%20Protection%20,Slip%20Clutch%20|PTO%20Speed%20,1000rpm%20|Tractor%20Power%20Required**%20,90hp[/vc_table]

*Dependant on machine specification
**Dependant on conditions

Three-blade configuration
Three heavy duty boron steel updraft blades are mounted to the MULTICUT blade carrier to provide exceptional cutting capacity in all conditions. High lift wing tips on each blade help provide extreme suction to create an exceptional chop and fine finish. For added protection an anti scalp dish is mounted to protect against damage to the machine and prevent scalping of the turf.

  • Anti-Scalping Blade Pan Protection
  • Heavy Duty Boron Steel Blades
  • 3 Long Blades per Rotor
  • Updraft Blades lift material into the cutting zone
  • Large Blades for mulching heavy vegetation



Scrub Land

National Trust

Gorse Clearance

Fruit Farms

Large Verges

Six-blade configuration
The MULTISTAR blade configuration provides an extra dimension by including three flat blades in a higher plane above the standard MULTICUT configuration to increase mulch and chop quality.

  • Anti-Scalping Blade pan Protection
  • Heavy Duty Boron Steel Blades
  • 6 Long Blades for increased chop and mulch
  • 2 cutting planes for double cut
  • Updraft Blades lift material into the cutting zone


Grass Pasture



Rape Stubble

Maize Stubble

Wheat Stubble

Cotton Fields


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Multicut 620 Rotary Mowers

Reaching even wider, the MULTICUT 620 gives 6.2 metres of cutting width to give unbeatable spread and fine mulch action usually expected from a flail. Five rotors provide the cutting power, all arranged in a specific formation to ensure the best in reliability, durability and most importantly, cutting speed on the market.

A solid reputation makes the MULTICUT 620 a favourite for Airport and Municipal operations.

  • 6.2 metre Cutting Width
  • Heavy Duty 160HP Input Gearbox
  • Heavy Duty 111HP Rotor Gearboxes
  • Hydraulically Folding to Transport width of 2.8M
  • Wide Angle Constant Velocity Joints on PTO
  • Slip Clutch Protection
  • All Steel Construction
  • 8 Pneumatic Rear Wheels
  • Accurate Height Control – Rear Wheels
  • Puncture Resistant Industrial Tyres
  • Hydraulically Controlled Parallel Linkage
  • Anti Scalp Rotor Protection Dishes
  • 15 x Heavy Duty Cutting Blades (3 Per Rotor)
  • Deck Protection Rings
  • Chain Link Front and Rear Safety Curtains
  • Floating Wings
  • Replaceable Full Length Side Skids
  • Rear Lighting Kit

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