BMS Excavator Mulcher

BMS Excavator Mulcher

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BMS Strong mulcher – attachment for excavator 13-25 t

Get the most out of your excavator with strong SEPPI M. mulching mower!

Newly updated, the SEPPI M. excavator mounted forestry mulcher BMS is more efficient, more productive, and has an attractive new design.  Designed for excavators in the 15 – 25 ton class (29,000 – 55,000 lb), grass, brush and wood are easy to mulch.The BMS mulching mower form SEPPI M. is ideal for clearing riverbanks, pipelines, forests and any other area hard to reach and with thick vegetation or trees and stumps. Attached to the arm of an excavator, all these areas can easily be reached. The BMS mulching head comes with a forestry rotor able to mulch vegetation up to 25 cm [10″] in diameter.

Common applications for this mulching attachment are land and road sides clearing, pipeline and power line maintenance, or the creation fire breaks.
You may also use this SEPPI M. mulcher BMS to clean up field borders, clear overgrown ditches and eliminate piles of woody debris that farmers have accumulated.

The new BMS mulcher is:

+ More efficient due to an improved rotor with additional exposure

+ Greater wear-resistance due to new skids built with the “SANDWICH” system

+ More power due to motors with up to 40% more torque

+ Higher efficiency due to the new MINI BLADE CARBIDE hammer system (conceived as a carbide razor system)

+ Safer due to improved protection systems

Available in working widths of 100, 125 and 150 cm (39, 49, 59″), the SEPPI M. BMS is designed and engineered to make your operation more efficient and profitable.


  • mulching head for excavators from 13 to 25 tons
  • mulches stumps and plants up to 25 cm [10”] Ø
  • standard rotor: swinging forestry hammers
  • lightweight chassis made of HARDOX®
  • covered chassis to protect the drive
  • predisposed for interface plate
  • predisposed for hyd. transmission with different types of motor at choice
  • pressure: 350 bar
  • recommended oil flow: 70–260 l/min
  • hydraulically operated rear hood
  • front and rear protection: chains
  • adjustable reinforced skids


  • fixed knife rotor MINI DUO with 2 tips
  • swinging hammer rotor with tungsten tips
  • forestry rotor with fixed knives MINI BLADE (New by SEPPI M.)
  • motors, different types at choice
  • interface plate with 190° rotation
  • interface plate (for different excavator attachment on enquiry)
  • electric valve for hood control with controls
  • additional front rubber flap

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