500 2020

The very best in rotary mulching technology has been packed into the Stubble Master 500 to deliver exceptional output and performance at a compact five metre cutting width.

Targeted at modern farming practices and contract professionals demanding high levels of chop quality the machine benefits from Spearhead’s unique six-blade HD6 cutting system as standard which; when coupled with the efficient delta wing design of the cutting deck provides a cut and spread of the highest standard.

Most notable is the flat upper deck surface that allows much easier cleaning. This beneficial feature is not however at a cost as the flat underside cutting deck is also maintained through an innovative monocoque style deck design.

The Stubble Master 500 features three rotors each with heavy duty blade holders and a combination of robust ‘angled’ 12 millimetre thick spring steel blades and flat upper blades to deliver a mulched finish.


Cutting capacity: 100mm (4″) DIA
Recommended tractor HP: 120hp / 89kW
Frame & Dimensions
Input shaft: 1-3/8″ Z21 or Z6 SFT 8 tractor end or 1-3/4″ Z20 or Z6 SFT 8 tractor end
Power take-off speed: 1000rpm
Gearbox: Cast iron housing
Gearbox lubricant: EP80-90W or GL-4 / GL-5 oil
Gearbox oil capacity: 2.7 litres / 4.7 pints
Deck construction: All welded construction
Deck material thickness: 3mm (1/8″)
Side skirt material thickness: 8mm (5/16″)
Skid construction: Replaceable bolt-on skid shoes
Anti-scalp dish: 5mm (3/16″) with blade holder bar
Blades (x15): 12mm (1/2″) 30 Carbon Boron hardened and tempered. Free swinging high lift – low friction. Handed.
Blade bolts: M24 C/W shank grade 8.8
Blade tip speed: 80mps / 15748fpm
Driveline: ASAE Category 6
Driveline protection: 2 way slip clutches on rotor gearboxes. Overrun on input shaft
Tailwheel mount assembly: Tubular welded walking axles
Tailwheels: x8 7.00 – 12 pneumatic tyre with steel hub
Front guard: Single chain guards on each deck
Rear guard: Single chain guards on each deck

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