The stump grinders made by SEPPI M. are strong and effi cient machines. Wood and other vegetation will be tilled, ground finely and incorporated into the soil, where it will quickly decompose. The soil will be ready to plant or for other uses.

Typical use of SEPPI stump grinders:

· in agriculture and forestry they will grind and mulch stumps and roots of felled material and till the soil
· in greenspace maintenance they will remove stumps from parks and road sides
· in construction and energy they will eliminate stumps and roots from construction sites

The SEPPI STAR-FC hyd is a multi-purpose stump grinder and soil tiller for excavators from 15-35 tons [30,000-70,000 lb].
It is ideal to grind stumps and roots, but also to crush stones, even at depth.

With the aggressive patented rotor of new generation V-LOCK with efficient hammer combination of the new type, ULTRA MONO PROTECT + MONO & ULTRA MONO EXTREME with additional tungsten carbide tips STAR-FC hyd mulches wood up to 40 cm in diameter and crushes stones up to 15 cm, and tills as deep as 30 cm below the surface. Very strong frame, for a very long life made of wearresistant steel with tempered counter knives for a perfect mulching result. CARBONCHAIN gear belts provide high strength and length stability with high flexibility.  STAR-FC hyd has a very strong chassis S420 with replacable plates AR400 for a very long life.

The multi-functionality is one of most important features of SEPPI M. machines.

Available working width: 75, 100, 125 [30″, 39″, 49″].

    • Grinds stumps and crush stones on roads, farms and other areas;
    • Tills the soil in depth
    • Prepare soil for (re)planting;
    • For forests, greenspace and steep slopes.

    and much more….


    • Grinds & mulches wood up to 40 cm [16”]Ø
    • Crushes stones up to 15 cm [6”] Ø
    • Tills as deep as 30 cm [12”] below the surface
    • Rotor V-LOCK: combination of tungsten carbide tips hammers ULTRA MONO PROTECT + MONO & ULTRA MONO EXTREME with anti-wear hammer support
    • Bolt-on-rotor shaft
    • For excavators from 15-35 tons [30,000-70,000 lb]
    • CARBONCHAIN Gear belt drive (model 125: available single or double)
    • Prepared for optional M-BOOST motor/s
    • Prepared for an individual interface plate
    • Hydraulically operated hood
    • Protection: double chains
    • Narrow in-depth skids, reinforced
    • Colour: yellow
    • Motor M-BOOST™ with adjustable speed, electonically driven, cable & controls incl.
    • Electric valve for rear hood control with controls
    • Interface plate (for different excavator brands)
    • 190° hydraulic rotation plate

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