Logic – Road-legal ATV Trailer XRT

On Road Trailers 2020

The XRT is a road legal trailer designed to be large enough to carry an ATV in the load area. It is a versatile asset on any farm and quickly becomes an almost indispensable tool. The standard unit has low sides for maximum configurability. The standard construction features an immensely strong, high quality phenolic resin-coated ply floor although there is an option of an alloy treadplate floor if required. A 50mm swivel tow hitch and bead lock wheel rims come as standard for extra safety and conform to HSE regulations.

Carry-all trailer

The XRT is useful for many farm applications and is the ideal partner for an ATV. Anything from an ATV through to feed or fencing tools and materials can be carried on public roads for maximum convenience, versatility and safety. Once at the location, the XRT is suitable for off-road use. Please note the wide road tyres will not give the same low ground pressure ability as specialist flotation tyres, although 25×10-12 flotation wheels are available as an option and can be fitted for use in wet coditions when required.

Maximum configurability

Clever design means that the XRT is ideal for many situations where items need to be carried on public roads. There is a wide variety of headboard, side and tailgate options (standard tailgate, half-door or metal ‘Logic’ ramp) allowing it to be easily converted for a number of uses. A specialist off road version (the ‘OXR’) is also available.

Standard Features – 

  • Trailer body dimensions: 2250 x 1310 x 300mm
  • Galvanised chassis and body for durability
  • Quality phenolic resin coated ply floor for strength and long life
  • Bead lock wheel rims for added safety
  • 50mm swivel tow hitch
  • Road lighting kit

Options – 

  • Braked model
  • Extended panel headboard (0.9m)
  • Extended mesh sides – hinged
  • Extended panel sides – fixed (gives 0.9m panel height)
  • Extended ramp tailgate c/w stock gate
  • Extended tailgate with ‘Logic’ treadplate ramp
  • Divider gate
  • Alloy treadplate floor
  • Jockey wheel
  • Prop stands
  • Flotation wheels/tyres (25×10-12)

Applications – 

A major advantage of the XRT is its ability to carry an ATV on the road to another location and then unload the ATV and use the ATV and XRT combination at the new location. The XRT can be used on any farm – farmers love the XT for its extra capacity, high work rate, superb design and robust build and the XRT will fit into almost any farm environment, from small-holdings through to the biggest arable spread.

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